Assistant Professor of Politics and Public Affairs

  • WWS 539:  Urban Politics and Policymaking (Spring 2020, Spring 2019)
  • POL 336:  State Politics and American Federalism (Fall 2019)


Teaching Fellow


Empirical Reasoning Center, Barnard College

In addition to my work as a Teaching Fellow, I served as a Graduate Assistant in the Empirical Reasoning Center at Barnard College.   An initiative supported by a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation, the Empirical Reasoning Center is designed to provide support for empirical reasoning across the curriculum.  Available to students and faculty of Barnard College and the broader Columbia University community, the ERC provides training and technical assistance, individual guidance, and classroom support.

As a Graduate Assistant, I consulted with students on a wide variety of questions and projects involving data—from basic data analysis for homework assignments to assembling datasets and analyzing data for thesis projects.  Much of this work involved assistance with statistical software applications, such as R or Stata.  I also worked with the ERC’s undergraduate fellows to analyze data on educational outcomes, and I taught workshops on R, LaTeX, Stata, and Python.  Follow the link for details on workshops and teaching materials I have developed or for more information about the ERC.